Parasitology: Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Parasitisms in Dogs and Cats PDF


ByParasitology Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Parasitisms in Dogs and Cats PDF

  • Dwight Bowman (Author), Elizabeth Fogarty (Author), Stephen Charles Barr (Author)

This series of highly visual reference cards provides a quick guide to the common parasites seen in dogs and cats. The unique presentation includes ninety two 5”x5” laminated colored cards makes it easy to diagnose commonly seen parasites. Each organism has one card that is dedicated to providing the information needed to successfully diagnose and treat it. This includes a full-color microscopic image of its’ diagnostic stage, a description on how it is acquired, clinical signs, habit of the parasite while it is on the animal, and treatment suggestions. The cards are organized so that they can be visibly scanned on the basis of the shape and size of the diagnostic stage making it an ideal quick reference source. This presentation is an excellent resource for staff training and is an essential text for clinic laboratories.

Published by Teton New Media in the USA and distributed by Manson Publishing outside of North America.


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