Obesity in the Dog and Cat PDF 2019 CRCPress


  • Martha G. Cline, Maryanne Murphy

As of 2018, pet obesity in the US affects an estimated 55.8 percent of dogs and 59.5 percent of cats, resulting in secondary conditions such as arthritis, diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, and certain forms of cancer. A complete and balanced diet accompanied by regular exercise is fundamental to optimize health and longevity in companion animals, meaning overweight pets have reduced quality of life and shorter life expectancy. Seeking to address this major modern-day problem, this book provides a comprehensive review of obesity in small animal medicine.
Reviews epidemiology and how animal- and human-specific factors contribute to excess weight gain.

Discusses the metabolic effects and inflammatory mediators associated with adiposity.
Looks at various disease states and how they relate or develop as a result of obesity.
Reviews different modalities to determine body composition to diagnose obesity.
Offers a clinical approach to managing obesity with diet including discussion on the nutrients of concern for therapeutic weight loss diets.
Veterinarians seeking to provide weight management services in practice will find clinically-applicable information from expert authors from both academic and practice backgrounds. Chapters cover topics ranging from epidemiology and pathophysiology of obesity to evaluation of body composition, and nutritional and behavioral management. The book also explores the role of exercise in managing obesity and looks at the management of co-morbidities. Finally, the authors present a range of case studies to demonstrate these topics in real-life practice.[box type=”download”]


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