Hair Loss Disorders in Domestic Animals PDF 2009 Wiley


ByHair Loss Disorders in Domestic Animals

  • Lars Mecklenburg, Monika Linek, Desmond J. Tobin

Hair Loss Disorders in Domestic Animals is an in-depth reference on the pathomechanisms and clinical approaches of all skin diseases in domestic animals that have hair loss as the predominant clinical feature. It presents both basic and clinically-relevant knowledge on alopecic disease in animals. This text is a one-of-a-kind resource providing cutting-edge coverage of the physiology and pathology of hair follicles. Disease-specific chapters include: a detailed description of the disease entity, etiology, pathogenesis, clinical and histopathological diagnosis and treatment modalities.

The Editors:Lars Mecklenburg, DVM, PhD, Cert. Vet. Pathologist, is an independent consultant in veterinary pathology in Hamburg, Germany.

Monika Linek, DVM, DECVD, is Head of the Dermatology Referral Service at Veterinary Specialists of Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany.

Desmond J. Tobin, PhD, FRCPath, FIBiol, is Professor of Cell Biology at the Centre for Skin Sciences, School of Life Sciences, University of Bradford in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Great Britain


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