Turner and McIlwraith’s Techniques in Large Animal Surgery 4e PDF 2013 Wiley


ByTurner and McIlwraith's Techniques in Large Animal Surgery

  • Dean A. Hendrickson, A.N. Baird
Turner and McIlwraith’s Techniques in Large Animal Surgery, Fourth Edition is an updated version of the classic resource for step-by-step instruction on basic surgical techniques in cattle, horses, swine, goats, and llamas. With detailed line drawings to demonstrate the principles discussed, the book addresses general aspects of surgery such as anesthesia and equipment and provides descriptions of surgical conditions and techniques commonly encountered in large animal practice. Now including a website with interactive review questions and the figures from the book in PowerPoint, the Fourth Edition is a highly practical, reliable guide for veterinary students and veterinary practitioners with a large animal caseload. The Fourth Edition includes eight new techniques and completely rewritten chapters on anesthesia, equine wound management, and surgical techniques in bovine and swine patients, as well as revisions to reflect advances throughout the book and updated references. Turner and McIlwraith’s Techniques in Large Animal Surgery continues to supply students and practitioners alike with a valuable resource on the fundamental techniques of farm animal surgery.

Key features

  • Fully revised new edition of the classic book on surgical procedures in equine and farm animal species
  • Presents detailed step-by-step descriptions of commonly used surgical techniques
  • Includes clear line drawings to illustrate the concepts covered
  • Offers eight new techniques and several rewritten chapters
  • Provides review questions and answers and figures from the book on an accompanying website at www.wiley.com/go/hendrickson/techniques
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