Handbook of food powders: Processes and properties 2013 PDF

ByHandbook of food powders

  • Fattorusso, Ernesto; Gerwick, William H.; Taglialatela-Scafati, Orazio
Food powders are materials that have been reduced to particulates. To achieve long term stability and usability, many liquid or solid food products and ingredients are dehydrated or mechanically converted into powder form. These days, drying is a ubiquitous unit operation in the food industry and has been successfully utilized by food technologists to develop several high-value products. Low moisture and water activity in food powder products no only enhances their shelf life but also provides ease of storage, handling, and transport. The editors and contributing chapter authors have compiled information about different processes involved in the production of food powders, their further processing, and the functional properties of these powders. This book intends to provide an updated review from established experts involved in both the powder food industry and academia.


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