Handbook of Laboratory Animal Bacteriology, Second Edition PDF 2014 CrcPress


By Handbook of Laboratory Animal Bacteriology

  • Axel Kornerup Hansen, Dennis Sandris Nielsen


    • Examines the range of bacteria that may interfere with animal modelling for human disease
    • Provides practical information on how to identify these bacteria
    • Defines the habitats; clinical importance; morphology; relevant media; physical, biochemical, and immunological characteristics; and molecular biology of each bacteria
    • Includes new chapters on mechanisms behind bacterial impact on animal models and on the systematic classification of bacteria
    • Expands the chapter on cultivation and identification of bacteria
    • Offers tips on differentiating between related species of bacteria
    • Explains proper staining techniques and serology


The Handbook of Laboratory Animal Bacteriology, Second Edition provides comprehensive information on all bacterial phylae found in laboratory rodents and rabbits to assist managers, veterinary pathologists and laboratory animal veterinarians in the management of these organisms. The book starts by examining the general aspects of bacteriology and how to sample and identify bacteria in animals. It then describes the most relevant species within each phylum and discusses the impact they may have on research. Emphasizing those bacteria known to interfere with research protocols, the book offers methods for isolation and differentiation among related bacteria. It discusses where to purchase reagents for rodent bacteriology and outlines standards for safety in a bacteriological laboratory.

Highlights of the second edition:

    • Focuses on modern sequencing techniques based on molecular identification
    • Reorganizes content according to modern systematics based on new identification methods
    • Presents new chapters on mechanisms behind bacterial impact on animal models and on the systematic classification of bacteria
    • Provides information on a range of bacteria interfering with animal models for human disease, not only for those bacteria which cause disease in laboratory animal colonies
    • Includes new figures in color and with enhanced resolution

The book is essential reading for those interested in the management of organisms known to interfere with the colony health of rabbits and rodents used in research protocols—including facility managers, clinical veterinarians, veterinary pathologists, and researchers.

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