Foodborne Viruses and Prions and Their Significance for Public Health PDF 2013 Wageningen Pers


ByFoodborne Viruses and Prions and Their Significance for Public Health

  • Frans J. M. Smulders, Birgit Norrung, Herbert Budka

Many risk management plans as currently implemented by the food industry, appear to be primarily designed to address bacteriological concerns. Hence, these often fail to function when public health risks associated with biological agents such as viruses and prions are to be addressed. Similarly, veterinary education in food hygiene mainly focusses on bacterial agents transferred by domestic animal species via meat and milk and the products manufactured therefrom. Additionally, training rarely includes the dangers associated with other (non-animal based) food ingredients as processed in ready-to-eat meals. It thus appears that food safety professionals – employed by industry or serving as governmental officials commissioned to inspect and audit food manufacturing enterprises – would benefit from being updated on the public health risks associated with foodborne viruses and prions.

This book, the sixth in the series Food Safety Assurance and Veterinary Public Health, provides this update. This volume – authored by recognised experts – is targeted at animal and food scientists, students in (veterinary) public health, public health officials and risk managers active in the food industry.

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