Fish Diseases and Medicine PDF 2019 CrC Press


  • Stephen A. Smith

Fish are critically important to the welfare of this planet and its occupants, the health of both wild and captive fish populations paramount to our survival. This book presents the gross pathology of the most commonly encountered diseases and syndromes of fish in an organ system-based approach. It provides an overview of the diseases and disorders of tropical, ornamental, bait and food fish from freshwater, brackish and marine environments. Readers will gain a broader understanding of the basic biology of infectious and non-infectious diseases in fish, as well as novel diagnostic techniques and innovative disease control methods.

Nineteen chapters by expert international contributors provide the veterinarian, fish health professional, fisheries biologist and fish researcher with an understanding of anatomy, water quality, diagnostic methodology, and basic clinical medicine of fish. Each organ system chapter provides

an overview of the most common diseases or syndromes
the etiological agent
route of transmission
typical host range
clinical presentation
possible differentials
most current means of diagnosis for that particular problem
potential management and control methods
This text will serve as a resource for the identification and control of fish diseases in a multitude of settings, from aquarium fish, to home ponds, to aquaculture species, to research fish and to even wild fish populations.

Covers tropical, ornamental, bait and food fish from the freshwater, brackish and marine environments
Organized by body systems, an approach consistent with how a practitioner examines a diseased animal
Expert contributors from around the world
Over 300 high-quality color photographs illustrate the conditions described[box type=”download”]


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