Communication in Poultry Grower Relations: A Blueprint to Success PDF 2008 Wiley



  • Larry Cole
Communication in Poultry Grower Relations shows a process used to continuously improve the working relationship between integrators and their growers. A special feature is the “how to” format in which this book details the relationship process so a company and its growers can implement the procedures discussed.The book also provides a comprehensive discussion on the dynamics associated with corporate culture changes. The reader will learn how to manage the resistance associated with each of the five phases of change to successfully implement the improvements in the company-grower working relationship.

Larry Cole, PHD, University of Oklahoma, is nationally recognized for his work in grower relations. He designed and provided a series of seminars on grower relations for the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association. He founded Cole Poultry Training Consultants and is the author of Frustration Is Your Organization’s Best Friend and over thirty articles on related topics.


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