Clinical Handbook on Canine Dermatology 3rd Edition PDF 2011 Virbac


ByClinical Handbook on Canine Dermatology 3rd Edition 201

  • Pierre JASMIN

This edition has included new information on many dermatoses and recent advances on otitis externa. The practicability
remains unchanged, of course, and the need for a 3rd edition demonstrates the usefulness of Dr Jasmin’s approach in every
day practice. Both students and veterinary clinicians will have at their disposal an updated tool of great quality and readily

Table of Contents

The dermatological approach
Taking the history
Dermatological examination – Lesions
Differential diagnosis for groups of related dermatoses
1/ General approach
2/ Otitis externa
3/ Dermatoses of adult dogs
4/ Dermatoses of young dogs
Monographs of the major canine dermatoses
■Sarcoptic mange
■Dermatoses associated with infestations by other parasites
■Demodicosis and pyodemodicosis (juvenile onset and adult onset)
■Pyoderma – General presentation
■Simple approach pyoderma
■Complex approach pyoderma and Bacterial overgrowth (BOG) syndrome
■Malassezia dermatitis and yeast overgrowth
■Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)
■Adverse Food Reactions (AFR)-(Food Allergy and Food Intolerance)
■Canine Atopic Dermatitis (CAD; Atopy)
■Iatrogenic and spontaneous Cushing’s syndromes (ICS and SCS)
■Otitis externa
Applications and use of skin biopsies
Elements of physiology and structure of healthy canine skin

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