ASA Handbook on poultry diseases PDF


ByAmerican Soybean Association

  • Simon M. Shane

The purpose of the ASA Handbook on Poultry Diseases is to acquaint veterinarians and poultry health professionals with current information on the diagnosis and prevention of poultry disease in commercial broiler and egg production flocks in emerging and established industries. Productivity and profitability are enhanced by application of sound principles of biosecurity, vaccination, and management. Improving efficiency increases the availability of eggs and poultry meat to supply
the protein needs of populations in countries with expanding demand.

This manual is a guide to the uniform application of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) classes, standards and grades for poultry, and to USDA’s voluntary poultry grading and certification services. It can also serve as the course outline for a poultry grading school.

It is designed primarily to aid poultry graders. However, it should also prove useful to those teaching poultry marketing, to quality control personnel in the poultry industry, and to volume food purchasers


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